August 25, 2005

Blood On Our Hands - The Persecuted Refused Asylum

A sad and moving post from the Musings from Middle England via Tim Worstall.
I wonder if Hussein Nasseri looked out on to that cold, grey Sussex sea in June 2004 as he made his way to an activity centre.
Did any of the elderly residents and holidaymakers squint at him, or even automatically smile at him in the way old people often do, as he passed them on the street?
If they did, he probably didn't notice.
He went into the activity centre car park and shot himself between the eyes.
Hussein, 26 years old, was a gay man who fled Iran and came to Britain. He had already spent three months in prison in Iran for being gay and feared execution if he was sent back.
In June 2004 the Home Office refused to grant him asylum and was going to send him back to Iran.
So he killed himself.
A private death in an Eastbourne car park was preferable to a public hanging in an Iranian square.
This man was going to be deported to face persecution, imprisonment, and probably death. He was going to be deported to a country with a truly horrifying record in ignoring the value of human life. A despotic theocracy of the lowest order. The government knew all of this. It knew that if he where sent there he would end up like the two children executed for the same ‘crime’ of love. This is exactly the type of person that the asylum is supposed to protect. And yet they did not protect him, they conspired to return him to the jaws of death.

Islamofascists can hide behind the prohibitions on deporting people to places where they could face execution, but when it comes to peaceful gays genuinely fearing for their lives suddenly this prohibition fades away as the Human Rights Industry studiously does nothing. Perhaps if this man where preaching strait-hate and trying to destroy British society and replace it with something else (possibly with better colour co-ordination) then the Human Rights Industry would take more notice. But he was not. He simply wanted to live. But the British government took that option away so he was left only with the choice of dieing in a public square in Iran or dieing in his own time in a car park in Eastbourne.


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